1949 Ford 8N

Plowing snow with my loader mounted V-Blade. The loader and V-Blade were designed and built by my Father in 1981. It has held up to some very hard use and abuse over the years, with only a couple of welds cracking and a few coats of paint. 

The loader mounting makes it easy to push back banks and take the top layer off of deep or heavy snow. 

The V-Blade approach works very well in crusty or wet snow since the tractor doesn't get pushed sideways. 

The loader does double duty with a lift frame and forks to move firewood from the wood shed to the house. The lift frame works on the loader and the 3 point hitch with special reversible pins. Another design of my Father's. 

Cutting fire wood with a 3 point Dearborn buzz saw. I restored it from a good original. 

As you can see my collectibles have to earn their keep. That is my 1958 Willys FC170 doing hauling duty. 

I'm located about 3 miles south of Lake Ontario in Upstate New York